Friday, 1 August 2008

Giovedi Club

Hadn’t planned an update today but Loreno insisted as he is now not sure if he had a good time unless he reads about it here. Loreno, relax we had a great night with an excellent meal that started with an almost nouvelle cuisine zucchini fiori fritti in a delicate batter building up through several rounds of antipasto, ravioli and maccheroni to a climax of a fantastic T-Bone steak: but best of all was the witty and erudite conversation. We may have had some wine and grappa.

Apparently, next week is Ladies night at the club but I don’t think we can make it as it is a fish night and Matthew and Michelle are not keen on fish.

Today was a pool day with insalata for lunch and now getting ready for dinner somewhere, than drinks at Alpino

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