Friday, 15 August 2008

Ripped Off

Having only seen junk at the markets, I was pleased to find a new garlic press today. There were some cheap and nasty things but the old lady at the stall sold me a superior sexy one costing €7.50.

As we were eating at home tonight I decided to use it to season the chicken I was grilling. One squeeze and it fell apart. I have saved the pieces for the fun of trying to exercise my statutory rights and get my money back. The threatened thunderstorm did materialise so unfortunately no prospect of the market or the old lady being there. Perhaps she will be there tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have bought many items from this old lady and they have all proved very durable, Are you sure you read the user instructions thoroughly? Have you tried to press garlic before? Hope this helps

Best wishes

A keen garlic presser

Ray and Jenny said...

Was that a keen garlic poseur