Thursday, 7 August 2008

Turning up the Heat

Yesterday was the hottest day so far but today, at 35C, is even hotter.
Celebrated Matthew’s birthday in Viareggio and at Bugno.

Viareggio was deserted and defying the laws of economics – faced with an overabundance of supply and next to no demand you would think that the price of a day on the beach would be in freefall but not so and the prices are said to be the highest in Italy – €60 for four, one umbrella and use of the pool.

There were 14 at Matthew’s birthday meal at the Bugno but I think there was food and drink for twice that number – shame that you weren’t there.

Also more pressure on the table tennis front – Roberto wants to make clear that he is two points ahead of the field and Tim only has one point: also Carla is complaining that the championship didn’t get started till after she had gone otherwise she claims she could have beaten all contenders
Exciting development at Leclerc hypermarket where the old wire trolleys have been replaced by new super light plastic ones which go where you steer them.

Tonight eating at La Mocchia which contrary to rumour – that I may have started – is not closed for the next two weeks.


Jim G said...

Hi, Ray!
Finally managed to access blog without the innumerable pop-ups that interfered while on-line in Barga.
Seemes to me that the table tennis entry has changed / developed, presumably under pressure from Bertie. If so, I would venture two comments....
1. In failing to turn up at the pool on Monday, I suspect Roberto was merely following the Italian tradition of only tackling opponents whose defeat is guaranteed; c.f. Abyssinia. ( Had he turned up at the pool with poison gas, I would have succumbed too )
2. Tim's status as Number Two seems somewhat undermined by the game he and I enjoyed on Monday. Perhaps, however, he is sufficiently naturalised to re-write history; c.f. Il Duce and the Glorious Campaign in Greece.

Have a good holiday, and regards to all!

Ray and Jenny said...


Roberto has thankfully been silent on the table tennis front since his return.

I hear you have had some success of the car hire and fishing fronts.

Have fun at school tomorrow.