Sunday, 10 August 2008

Typical Barga Evening

After the hard day at the pool, an excellent meal at the Altana demonstrated that, in our opinion, it is the best restaurant in town.

The other contender for the title is probably the Scacciaguai which I feel verges on the pretentious – although this could be considered an unfair assessment on my part as I haven’t actually dined there.

After dinner, at about ten o’clock we passed through Piazza San Angelio to hear a band from Lucca playing classic tunes and where we encountered Loreno. We then joined up with Roberto and others at the usual venue for leisurely drinks alfresco until about one in the morning.

As a result, today was a late start and lazing around in the sun at home: also I don't yet feel ready to meet Roberto at the pool.
Tonight could well follow a similar pattern.

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